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Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo - Instructors

Roy Wilkinson, Chief Instructor
Roy Wilkinson has completed 33 years of martial arts training in Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, and is one of the senior-most Bujinkan Master Instructors and practitioners outside of Japan.   He began as a student of Bud Malmstrom's at the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo, and has continued to train with Bud, as well as with other Master Teachers from Japan and elsewhere, including the Grandmaster of the art, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.   When Mr. Malmstrom retired from active teaching, he passed on the responsibility for the training in Atlanta to Mr. Wilkinson.   He is honored to have been entrusted with this responsibility and is proud to carry on the tradition of the first authentic ninjutsu school in the Western Hemisphere.

After 10+ years in the art, Mr. Wilkinson successfully passed the sakki test for Godan (5th degree Black Belt) & was awarded the title of Shidoshi (Teacher of the Warrior Ways of Enlightenment) by the Grandmaster.   He is also one of a limited number of recipients of the prestigious Bujinkan Gold Medal, awarded personally by the Grandmaster, for his outstanding contributions to the art.   Mr. Wilkinson is currently a 15th-degree Black Belt (Judan Kugyo) and is responsible for the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo.

Mr. Wilkinson has given numerous seminars around the United States and Europe over the years, both within the Bujinkan and for other martial systems, and continues to teach and train regularly at the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo, where he is the Chief Instructor.   Roy is known for a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience that's hard to match for quality and effectiveness, and for the powerful heart and spirit that he brings to the art.   He has trained current and former law enforcement, security, and military personnel, in addition to civilians from all walks of life.   Roy has presented self-protection and women's self-defense programs for both professional and collegiate audiences.   He has appeared in several European and American martial arts magazines, and has been interviewed for a national television special on ninjutsu.   He was also featured in the groundbreaking documentary on ninjutsu, entitled "Heart, Sword and Perseverance".

Mike Reddick, Instructor
Mike Reddick began his study of martial arts with Tae Kwon Do and Judo in the early 1990's.   After discovering Ninjutsu at the Atlanta Dojo in 1993, Mr. Reddick devoted his training to the art.   Currently holding the rank of Nanadan (7th degree Black Belt), Mr. Reddick has trained in the United States, England, and Japan with top instructors from around the world, including Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.   Other areas of study include defensive firearm tactics, outdoor and survival skills, Buddhism, philosophy, and Japanese language.   Mr. Reddick is an in-demand session and touring musician in the Atlanta area, and is Chief Engineer for Four Studios / Four Records, an Atlanta based music production company and record label.   Mike's interests include Backpacking, Amateur Radio, and Motorcycling.

Tom Reilly, Instructor
Tom Reilly has been training since 1999, and is currently a Godan (5th degree Black Belt).   He has trained in Japan as well as dojos around the southeast and participated in TaiKai in Atlanta as a student and a staff member.   Tom lives in the Atlanta area and is a network engineer providing systems management solutions in Information Technology.   He enjoys spending time in the outdoors with friends and family.

Justin Felker, Instructor
Justin Felker has been training in the Bujinkan for 20 years.   Justin began his martial arts experience as a student of the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo.   Justin currently holds the rank of Godan (5th degree Black Belt) and provides assistance in instructing new and advanced students alike at the dojo.   Justin continues to further his training by attending various training groups and seminars hosted by Instructors from around the country.

Matt Kent, Instructor
Matt Kent began his training at the age of fourteen under the tutelage of Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo chief instructor Bud Malmstrom.   When Matt received the rank of Shodan (Black Belt) he was the youngest at the Atlanta Dojo to do so.   He now holds a YonDan in the Bujinkan System and continues his training with Roy Wilkinson.   While attending the University of Georgia, Matt founded the Athens Bujinkan Shibu and continued training in Atlanta until 1996, when he was hired by the internationally renowned Pilobolus Dance Theatre.   He toured internationally with Pilobolus for ten years creating and performing.   Matt still performs and teaches around the globe for Pilobolus, and is also the artistic director for Pickleshoes, a touring family theatre.

Bret McKee, Instructor
Bret McKee and has been training off and on for about 16 years, and currently holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt).   He has trained in Japan, Germany and at various schools in the US.   Bret studied German at Georgia State University, and afterwards was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Germany.   He currently works in the film / television industry as a set dresser.   In Sept 2011, Bret began working with the Stadtstheater in Konstanz, Germany, to learn costume and stage design for German theater.   Bret is also a Certified Technical Tree Climbing Instructor.   His other hobbies include drawing, painting, photography, digital art, music, reading philosophy and psychology.

Paul Phillips, Instructor
Paul Phillips began his training in the spring of 1995 at the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo under Bud Malmstrom.   Following a 5 year hiatus, he returned to the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo in January 2003 under Roy Wilkinson, and has been studying consistently since.   He currently holds the rank of Sandan.   By day, Paul works in the Information Technology industry as a Business Analyst and Technical Writer, focusing on process analysis and process improvement.   He enjoys all things outdoors and is an avid hunter, camper, hiker and backpacker.

Thomas Daugherty, Instructor
Thomas Daugherty currently studies Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu at the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo under the guidance of Roy Wilkinson.   He currently holds the rank of Shodan (1st degree Black Belt).   His martial study began in 1983 and includes various arts until he found Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in 1995.   Thomas is also involved in foreign language studies, has achieved ESL/TEFL International certification and currently and works as an MES analyst.

Gary Cavender, Instructor
Gary has studied a variety of martial arts since 1980.   He started training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in 2004 and currently holds the rank of Shodan.   Gary has a military and police background including special operations, counter terrorism/hostage rescue, S.W.A.T., K-9 and executive protection.   Gary currently works for a major metropolitan police department where he supervises the protective services and security operations for government facilities and employees.   Other areas of interest are playing music, art, philosophy and outdoor/survival skills.

Haw Kor, Instructor
Haw Kor began his training in martial arts in 2005 and has been training in the Bujinkan with the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo under Roy Wilkinson in 2008.   Haw currently holds a rank of shodan and trains in NYC where he currently resides but continues to study under Roy Wilkinson.   Haw works in the IT field and has a love for technology.   Haw also enjoys traveling and the culinary arts.

Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo - Former Instructors

Sean Gerety
Sean Gerety started training at the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo in 1989, and continued training at the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo.   He treasures his relationship with Bud and Roy, forged over the years.   He would not be where he is today had he not started training in Ninjutsu - not only the physical aspects, but also the non-physical aspects, such as sanmitsu.   Currently a 6th degree black belt, Sean has the distinction of being the only person to take the Godan test in Bud's living room.   He has enjoyed getting to know Hatsumi Sensei & the Shihan while helping with 5 TaiKais held in Atlanta.   He now works in the software industry in the financial sector.

Sebastian Nye
Sebastian Nye has been training in Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu since 1998.   He began his studies at the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo, and has continued his training at the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo under the guidance and instruction of Roy Wilkinson.   After 3 1/2 years in the art, Sebastian was promoted to Shodan, and is currently a 3rd degree Black Belt.   Sebastian is currently employed in the private sector where he specializes in Configuration Management.

David Clifford
David Clifford holds the rank of Nidan and began studying taijutsu in October 1994.   David took leave from the dojo to serve in US Army Special Forces with 3rd Special Forces Group.   From summer 2002 through summer 2007, his training was limited to the times he could make it to the dojo and seminars here in Atlanta, though he continued training with a small group of black belts in the Fort Bragg area when time permitted.   His training in taijutsu helped him tremendously during two combat tours in Afghanistan.   David now works in high threat protection outside of the United States and believes the techniques and training taught at the dojo help to make him a well versed protection detail member.

John Rusca
John Rusca was first introduced to Ninjutsu as one of the original youth class members of the Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo in 1984.   He trained under Bud Malmstrom's and Roy Wilkinson's supervision for two and a half years until life interfered, causing him to drop training for a 12 year period.   In 1998, John made a point to come back to the art that he loved so much and has been training continuously ever since.   He is currently a Nidan (2nd degree black belt).